During the medieval times, it was believed that when you sleep with a piece of cake under your pillows you will dream of your future husband that night. This custom date back 300 years ago and is usually associated with wedding favors and charms (The charm was pushed into a cake and attached with a ribbon for guests to pull.). Each charm has a specific meaning: a heart and a wishing well is for true love, a rocking chair is for long life, a purse is for good fortune, a high chair is for children and flowers is for new life.

Nowadays, cakes still remain an important aspect of any wedding. A gorgeous cake generally sits at the place of honor, like a grand centerpiece. Flowers are a most preferred “charm”.  As a Floral and Event Designer, decorating the cake is the culmination of all the work that I do every time I set-up for a wedding. It pulls together all the elements – centerpieces, arches, bouquets, corsages … into one cohesive design…my final work of art.

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