When Janet Susan Rodriguez Nepales and Ruben V. Nepales called to ask me if I could do their first daughter’s wedding I almost fainted. THE Janet and Ruben Nepales of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association/Golden Globes? YES.YES.YES!

I have known these lovely couple for a while now and I also know that they are very much connected with probably the most seasoned and famous floral designers/stylist in the country. So having asked to do the first wedding in the family was a great honor and I am truly grateful. Thank you Janet and Ruben!

I met the future bride for the first time at a pre-wedding party in LA the day before the wedding. I had a view minutes with Bianca or “Nikki” as her father fondly calls her and her beau Gari to discuss design plans for their wedding. Nikki and Gari were very gracious and appeared to be 2 very grounded individuals who were open to all my suggestions on making it special (having seen the venue Dish Restaurant the day before). “Please do whatever you think is best Tita”, they said. Keyword!

And BEST it will be...

8-18-18, Nikki walked down the church aisle with her father in a beautiful Boho-chic wedding dress (so so love it!) that matched the likewise artful, eclectic floral bouquet she carried. Sitting on blush colored roses, ivory coffee beans and dainty peach flowers, the arrangement was then layered with striking magenta dahlias, rustic green, red and blackberries (for fertility), fresh purple astromerias , and tied together with a lavender cotton ribbon to form a rich mix of colors, shapes and texture, an impressive formula for a stunning bouquet!

My big surprise was the mother- of- the bride Janet’s lovely gown’s color matched the ribbon on the bride’s bouquet – sweet lavender (We did not talk about it earlier …this is what I call a “God thing”.). For her and her new kumadre, 3 ivory baby roses, eucalyptus leaves with red, black and green berries - all taken from the bride’s bouquet.

Out of 2 large crates, my son JR and Nikki’s hardworking event coordinator Helen Hong ( obliged themselves to lay-out crisp white linens and napkins to cover the guest tables, set-out china, water glasses, champagne flutes, utencils (thank you Darwin of Dish Restaurant!) and the couple’s cute giveaway – a recipe from Nikki’s aunt with a tiny ladle to go with it. These in only 30 minutes!

When all was set and done, the centerpieces were set on the tables…all 16 of them in an inverted fluted glass with a rustic black metal handle. The inspiration for the centerpiece was taken from the bridal bouquet – using the same flowers and color combination to make one radiant arrangement that pulled all the elements of the room to one clever Boho style. And to complete the look, a personalized chalkboard sticker of the couple’s name and wedding date and a touch of gloriosa.

1:45 pm, the doors were opened. “Beautiful!”, guests, father and mother of bride and groom said.

And best, I did.

Thank you Janet and Ruben, Nikki and Gari. Thank you Jesus for once again helping me make beautiful happen. To God be the glory.

*Photos courtesy of FILBERT DIEGO KUNG

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