When STEP’s (SUCCESS THROUGH EDUCATION PROGRAM) ace Event Planner Susan Armendariz told me that the theme of this year’s Gala Night will be Mexican and will be at the LA Police Academy’s Rock Garden, my thought was to use the bark lanterns I recently used for another outdoor event. However, after a second site visit it was decided that the event will best be at the Officers’ Lounge indoors with all the amenities.

The bark lanterns would not work well indoors. Mexican tiles immediately came to my mind. I will use them as flower vases. I always loved its vibrant colors and rich historic connection. Mexico is well known for its organic and artsy tiles called Talavera. Talavera’s are made from clay out of the ground and fired to a temperature at which the clay undergoes chemical changes and becomes permanently hard. The tile is then glazed and decorated by hand with very attractive, colorful and very expressive images, and fired once again to give it a final and lively finish. Since the 1500’s, it is a rooted cultural heritage in Mexico. They have embellished many public and private spaces throughout Mexico, from kitchens, fountains, facades, to the interiors of luxurious hacienda homes, public offices and churches.

However, I could not make the vases using the actual tile due to time limitations. So off I went to my favorite graphic designer Quan – and wrapped 20 circular and rectangular glasses with a collage of Talavera’s in print. Sitting on these beautiful vases were fresh huge Ecuadorian red roses, my favorite raspberry cup dahlias, and 10 boxes of greeneries with red berries to pull them all together.

Once again, the centerpieces stood out …beautifully. Viva Mexico!
TGBTG…To God be the glory.

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