Wedding cake toppers come in different styles – some may represent the couple’s favorite hobby or passion, some are initials of their names in silver or gold, and some are figurines of the bride and groom together. Nowadays, brides skip the topper altogether and opt for simple flowers to decorate their cake.

My beautiful bride and groom Nisha and Brandon gave me tiny wooden pieces of a bride, groom and a dog as their cake topper. The cake was very rustic with the combination of gold and brown color, perfect for the theme of the wedding. I thought with the wooden figurines, a skirt of flowers would make the cake look JUST PERFECT!

nisha cake.jpg


Decorating the wedding cake is usually the last thing I do whenever I am staging a wedding. I do it when all my energy is exhausted and I am ready to put my feet up and take a nap. However, the moment I put the cake topper and the first flower, I get a surge of happiness power that only me and my God understands. Then I think of the love and the new life that the couple is looking forward to and a burst of color explodes. For John and John, I hope all these fruita-muy-delisioso and freshes-of-flowers in their cake will shower them with blessings so bountiful.